They Moved My Cheese

I haven’t posted new content in a while and several of my regular readers have reached out wondering why. I’ve decided to end Granola Shotgun for the moment, although it may return in a different form at some point. WordPress has been my host for the last five years and I’ve been very happy with … Continue reading They Moved My Cheese

The Acropalypse

I’ve been having two distinct conversations with opposite camps for years. One camp prefers a suburban life of quiet domesticity and private space. The other craves interaction in a vibrant public realm. The two camps don’t like each other. The suburban folks feel under assault as economic pressure and political shenanigans plot to destroy their … Continue reading The Acropalypse

The Diagonal Slice

There’s a lot of talk on the interwebs these days about the mass exodus from big cities. The riots. The looting. The arson. The migration of frightened people seeking safety in the hinterland… Roll the video loops of terrified white ladies clutching their pearls. The financial district is dead. The towers are empty. You can … Continue reading The Diagonal Slice

The Great Reshuffling

The Interwebs are abuzz over the mass exodus from cities triggered by the Coronavirus. Cue up the images of Moses parting the sea for a caravan of U-Hauls destined for the verdant cul-de-sacs of the Promised Land. This outward population migration is quantifiable and real. You’ll get no arguments at all from me. But the … Continue reading The Great Reshuffling