The Complexity Trap

I recently had a conversation with a civil engineer who specializes in highly integrated super efficient infrastructure projects. For example, the methane gas from a sewerage treatment plant can be captured and used to generate electricity. The waste heat from a power generator can be used to run a desalination plant. Purified sewer water can … Continue reading The Complexity Trap

Municipal Solvency: How to Not Go Broke

There’s currently a lot of talk about why so many towns, counties, and states are going broke. “Teachers are getting paid way too much.”  “Cops and fire fighters have extravagant pensions.”  “It’s waste, fraud, and abuse.”  “It’s welfare queens.”  “It’s immigrants.” “It’s the Democrats.” “It’s the Republicans.” But here’s the truth. Even if you fired … Continue reading Municipal Solvency: How to Not Go Broke

Garage Apartment Conversion, Lancaster, California

This story was edited by Kirsten Dirksen of One of the challenges faced by individual households and municipal governments alike in our current economic predicament is the need to become more efficient and to generate additional revenue without taking on new debt or obligations. The city of Lancaster, California recently changed its building and … Continue reading Garage Apartment Conversion, Lancaster, California