New Granola Shotgun Location

43 thoughts on “New Granola Shotgun Location”

  1. I am happy to hear this! Your blog is one of my favorite things on the internet, and if you’ve found a way to keep going in a way that works for you then I am thrilled. Thank you for sharing your thoughts for so long, I have found many gems among them.

  2. Just really happy to hear you will continue. And if you slap up a donate button once a year I will surely donate. Thank you!

  3. Sorry but if your domain isn’t changing, how do I know if I’m connecting to the site in SquareSpace? I just don’t want to sit here missing your new posts.

      1. I feel obliged to mention that domain name transfers are pretty quick. If you didn’t get a transfer request email, check your spam folder, check that it was unlocked when you made the transfer request, etc.

        I’ve had transfers not go through b/c an email notification was never generated, went to an old address, etc.

  4. 19th (Athens, Greece, time) – link from new post still leads to this WP page. Fan of your site, glad it will continue. Keep on keeping on!

  5. That’s great news, Johnny! Looking forward to reading more of your great writing and seeing your excellent photos, for a long time to come.

  6. Johnny,

    Squarespace has been my platform of choice for several years now. I think you’ll really like it.

    Lately I’ve been thinking a lot about your words, paraphrasing – when society changes, we just pick new winners and new losers. It seems 2020 will be a clear example of this phenomenon. I don’t speak of COVID in particular, but instead western society’s response to it. A course has been set, and there’s little to change it now. New winners and losers will emerge. Some, like the tech giants, appear to still be in the winners column, for now. But I sense there’s about to be significant change in the next decade to much of the rest. For better and for worse. So it goes…

    I hope you’re well…



  7. Johnny,
    Glad your are moving your cheese to a new platform. You have a great perspective and provide commentary on important subjects to which most people seem oblivious. Looking forward to continued reading.

  8. Will people subscribed to your mailing list continue to get updates or was that tied to the old WordPress site?

  9. Hey, long time reader here. Glad you found a solution to your tech problems, and will keep the blog going.

    I build WordPress sites for a living, so I can appreciate the frustration. It’s a very useful platform… but like anything in life, it has its idiosyncrasies and limitations. And as another commenter pointed out, image optimization and site performance can be a world unto itself.

    Hopefully Squarespace works out better for you!

  10. YASSS!!!! Ok, I hate when people write that, but I’m genuinely excited that you found a workaround. I feel much better now. ☺️

  11. Wonderful, really enjoy your blog. And very glad you have found a new platform, sometimes change is necessary and a good thing. Keep up the great work, we all appreciate and enjoy your content.

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