Frugal Hedonism and Greening the Apocalypse

There’s a podcast out of Melbourne, Australia called “Greening the Apocalypse” that I enjoy. It’s part tongue-in-cheek comic banter and part earnest exploration of what being “green” means for people living in a modern metroplex. Back in July I was listening to an episode that featured David Holmgren¬†who promotes the re-ruralization of suburbia as¬†frugal hedonism. … Continue reading Frugal Hedonism and Greening the Apocalypse

Little Picture

From my perspective the Big Picture stretching out into the future is one of recurring overlapping structural challenges of all kinds. As an individual I have zero control over any of it. But I have a compelling interest in finding effective ways of navigating through whatever may come. I’m sometimes described as a doomer, but … Continue reading Little Picture

Big Picture

There are some serious forest fires burning all across California at the moment and the smoke from distant counties has turned the air here in San Francisco into an autumnal barbecue flavored mist. Bits of white flaky ash are drifting down from the sky like cherry blossoms. Last year around this time there were similar … Continue reading Big Picture