A friend does woodworking in his garage as both a hobby and a pragmatic response to a century old house that needs endless repairs. His workshop is itself an expression of his resourcefulness. His work benches are made from salvaged high quality hardwood pulled from a bowling alley that was being torn down. The interior … Continue reading Shaper

Thousand Oaks

This weekend I attended the graduation of my niece from California Lutheran University. Since I was in the area for a few days and there was a lot of down time between events I wandered around the neighborhood with my camera as I am want to do. My niece rents a room in a single … Continue reading Thousand Oaks

First Dibs

A million years ago I was a student in New Brunswick, New Jersey looking to furnish my first real apartment with no money. On the weekends I would borrow a friend’s car and drive out to garage sales and church thrift shops in the suburbs – when I wasn’t picking treasures from the curb on … Continue reading First Dibs

The Mangiapocalypse

Mangia: the Italian verb “to eat.” Apocalypse: the complete final destruction of the world. Push them together and you get the Mangiapocalypse. This portmanteau was suggested by a friend who was describing the philosophy of preparing for disaster in a way that’s abundant, fun, productive, and oriented toward a better overall quality of everyday life. … Continue reading The Mangiapocalypse