Two Years and Counting

Two years ago this month I wrote a post about a building fire here in San Francisco. These events are statistically unlikely in any given year or for any individual household. But when they do happen – to you – they’re devastating. It’s the little personal disasters like this that concern me most. Civilization carries on. Your old … Continue reading Two Years and Counting

Prepper First Aid

I like to think I’m better prepared for emergency situations than most people in terms of food, water, and financial resilience. But when it comes to medical training I got a whole lot of nothing. While I lack the temperament to ever be a serious first responder, at the very least I feel a personal … Continue reading Prepper First Aid

Dr. Bombay

A friend just returned from vacation and described her stay in Europe at a new hotel. CitizenM. She’s a lady of some refinement and not easily impressed so I did a little research on the company. Their business model is to streamline and automate as many hotel processes as possible and radically reduce the number of … Continue reading Dr. Bombay