Just In Time

A friend works in the pharmaceutical industry and described how a particular extremely profitable non-narcotic sleeping pill is made. A Japanese company developed the pill at their lab in Osaka. These are the high value jobs that the Japanese are keen to keep at home. The chemical components that are used to make the pills … Continue reading Just In Time

The Rodent’s View

Picture Templeton┬áthe rat from Charlotte’s Web complete with the voice of Paul Lynde. That’s me. Irritating? Yes. Charming? Nooooo. Quite the opposite. Smart? Not so much. Industrious? Bone lazy. Impulse control? Zero. Like Templeton I’m amoral and omnivorous. But we have our niche. Put me in a conference room full of adults with official positions … Continue reading The Rodent’s View

Hacking School

For families with young children the choice of where to live is limited by the cost of housing in a “good” school district, the suspect quality of the public schools in more affordable locations, and/or the ability to pay for private schools. In recent years the option of home schooling has gained momentum as well. … Continue reading Hacking School