The Richmond Riviera (Or: I Hate When Mommy and Daddy Fight)

Google A friend and I recently explored an old military base in the northern reaches of San Francisco Bay near Vallejo. The industrial facility which once built submarines during World War II has transitioned to civilian manufacturing – in this case high quality modular Blu Homes.  We took the tour and were impressed. The houses … Continue reading The Richmond Riviera (Or: I Hate When Mommy and Daddy Fight)

Pretty White Girls

When you see something once you don’t notice it. When you see it three times you think… hmmmm. When you see it thirty times in seven different states you realize it’s actually a thing. In this case the “thing” is pretty white girls used in advertisements for upscale apartment complexes in transitional neighborhoods. When developers … Continue reading Pretty White Girls

Mind The Gap

Humans have two modes: complacency and panic. We’re biologically predisposed to focus on immediate comforts and visible threats. At the same time we’re profoundly uninterested in even thinking about anything that might happen at some point in the medium future. Part of our primate tendencies involves mimicking the people around us so we fit in … Continue reading Mind The Gap

Beer Church

I’ve heard it called Beer Oriented Development. The concept is simple enough. There’s a strong demand for gathering places where people can come together and enjoy being part of the larger community and feel welcomed. It’s a bit like church. A beer hall has the potential to do a disproportionate amount of heavy lifting for a … Continue reading Beer Church

A Boomer, an Xer, and a Millennial Walk Into a Bar…

I often host dinners with people from the neighborhood. Talking with them reminds me of how each generation has a different perspective and temperament. The Silent Generation, Baby Boomers, Generation X, and Millennials each approach the challenges of life from unique angles and specific contexts. In the wake of the Great Depression and World War … Continue reading A Boomer, an Xer, and a Millennial Walk Into a Bar…

The Gayborhood

Many years ago I had a teacher who explained that Renaissance Venice had a disproportionate number of homosexuals. He stated, as fact, that rich old men married beautiful young women, fathered a child or two, then promptly died. The children were raised indulgently by women without a proper male role model and the boys became … Continue reading The Gayborhood