Pasadena, Big and Small

I recently had a conversation with an acquaintance who had lived in Pasadena in the 70’s and 80’s. She explained that back then the town was in decline. Once grand buildings sat half empty. Shops on Colorado Blvd. were failing. Crime had become a problem. The new mall that had been heralded as the savior … Continue reading Pasadena, Big and Small

Poverty Revisited

I have a unique perspective on the topic of the working class, the poor, and the homeless. It isn’t an abstraction for me. I experienced these things directly in my own life. My parents were teenagers when I was born in 1967. In keeping with the spirit of the times they lived in a Volkswagen … Continue reading Poverty Revisited

Working. Poor.

What exactly does the working class look like these days? There’s a lot written about it. People have all sorts of opinions on the topic. But what’s the reality? I’m in and out of a lot of homes in the neighborhood. Along the way I meet people busy doing work that doesn’t pay much in … Continue reading Working. Poor.

Problems We Don’t Really Want To Solve

I have a lot of conversations with people about the challenge of doing fill-in-the-blank: improving public schools, building affordable housing, replacing corporate chains with local mom and pop shops, getting public infrastructure expenditures in line with the local tax base… And here’s my general response. We, as a society, don’t want to solve these problems. … Continue reading Problems We Don’t Really Want To Solve