Saying Goodbye. Again.

December was a record month. I’ve said goodbye to five different households of friends and neighbors. Two more are on the fence – and the fence is leaning precariously. I’m pretty aggressive when it comes to reaching out and making new friends. I practically drag people off the street and force them to eat dinner … Continue reading Saying Goodbye. Again.

Homesteading the Suburbs

My last post was about the lackluster older suburbs that are neither vibrant and cosmopolitan enough for some buyers, nor leafy and upscale enough for others. Property values are low, as are prospects for radical reinvention in the conventional sense. These locations aren’t ever going to be transformed into urban centers with Main Street downtowns. … Continue reading Homesteading the Suburbs

The Best Bargain Around

I was recently interviewed and asked what might happen to the stagnant poorly aging neighborhoods that are neither verdant and exclusive like the most desirable suburbs, nor vibrant and urbane like rapidly gentrifying city centers. My response was straightforward. They probably won’t be retrofitted and made more urban. And they probably won’t be retrofitted to … Continue reading The Best Bargain Around