Orderly, But Dumb

. Municipal governments all have land use policies that attempt to achieve particular goals: economic development, ease of traffic flow, maintaining open space, segregating noxious industries, and so on. So local authorities break out the colored pencils and create big blocks on the map. We all know what this looks like on the ground. . Single … Continue reading Orderly, But Dumb


I know families where three or four people live in a five bedroom house with a two car garage and a swimming pool. Yet they feel oppressed by the fact that they don’t have enough space. The kitchen needs to be remodeled. The bathrooms are outdated… We all get distracted from real needs and confuse … Continue reading Enough

Chaotic, But Smart

Americans are used to a development pattern that’s orderly, but bumb and expensive. It wasn’t always like this. But over the last few generations we’ve become used to installing a huge amount of very expensive public infrastructure first, then slowly building some skimpy private structures on that chassis. Then, because people fear density, traffic congestion, lower … Continue reading Chaotic, But Smart

The Difference Between a Road and a Street (India Style)

Chuck Marohn at strongtowns.org  eloquently describes the difference between a road and a street. Most people use the terms interchangeably, but it’s important to understand the distinction. Above we have roads. They’re designed specifically to allow vehicles to travel as quickly and efficiently as possible between two places. A road is entirely about getting from … Continue reading The Difference Between a Road and a Street (India Style)