The Frankenburb

I’m currently engaged in a series of on-going conversations with various folks around the country about the future of the suburbs. We tend to agreeĀ about the broad outlines, but when it comes to the details we part company pretty fast. Retrofitting most suburbs is less likely than having a few successful ones remain as they … Continue reading The Frankenburb


Every once in a while I find myself standing in a place that’s right on the cusp of being transformed from one thing to another. I turn slowly and take in the landscape and decades flash by in an instant in my mind. It’s easy. We’ve all seen this show before. We know exactly how … Continue reading Quakertown

Strong Towns

  I’m a long time member of the Strong Towns organization and this week is our annual membership drive. If you’re reading Granola Shotgun you obviously have some interest in the built environment. I invite you to check out all the great resources and dynamic people involved in the Strong Towns movement and join today. … Continue reading Strong Towns