The Barlow

Shopping mall developers are exceptionally good at what they do. They’ve spent the last few generations refining all the little design elements that make a place profitable for retail trade. Their buildings go up fast, return a profit for investors, generate tax revenue for local government, and create jobs. That’s why the same big box … Continue reading The Barlow

Runs On Love

. Amy’s Drive-Thru in Sonoma County is a cartoon version of crunchy, hippy dippy, Northern California culture come to life. Depending on your particular set of sensitivities the food on offer can be organic, gluten free, locally sourced, free ranged, vegetarian, vegan, dairy free, or just plain old regular. Amy’s tag line reads, “Runs on … Continue reading Runs On Love

Disruptive Technologies and Diminishing Returns

I’m a fan of Karen Lynn Allen’s blog.┬áThis week she listed eleven disruptive technologies that she sees coming in the next few years. Self driving taxis, security drones, fast food restaurants with no human staff, mechanically recycled water, citywide heating districts… I can just see Amazon’s flying monkeys delivering pints of late night artisanal ice … Continue reading Disruptive Technologies and Diminishing Returns