Rowhouse Rebirth

I filmed this story in Cincinnati’s Over-the-Rhine neighborhood. As always, my far more talented friend Kirsten Dirksen did the editing. There are also glimpses of other nearby neighborhoods such as East Walnut Hills and some views for the city taken from across the Ohio River in Kentucky. Michael Uhlenhake is an architect and long time … Continue reading Rowhouse Rebirth

Imitation Purple Flavor

Once, a long, long time ago before any of our grandparents were born there was flavor. Apples had apple flavor. Bananas had banana flavor. Grapes had grape flavor. Things just tasted like what they were. But then there was imitation flavor. The little blue lumps in blueberry muffin mix aren’t blueberries. They’re some other substance that … Continue reading Imitation Purple Flavor

Slack Haven: Slow Urbanism

I’m not a “fight City Hall” kind of guy. I can’t be bothered with the imperial intrigue of Washington or state politics.  I avoid anything done on a large complex scale. Instead, I look for local affordable rational work-arounds that get the job done under the radar in places that the big boys just don’t … Continue reading Slack Haven: Slow Urbanism