Los Angeles Infill House

Simon Story, a native of New Zealand and principal of Anonymous Architecture, specializes in quirky sites and structures in Los Angeles. Open land for conventional building anywhere near Los Angeles is prohibitively expensive and difficult to find. People don’t want to have to drive to the ends of the Earth to find suitable housing and … Continue reading Los Angeles Infill House

The Green House

This post will explore what I like to call “alternatives to the alternatives” in housing. This story demonstrates what’s possible if you’re willing to try something new and a bit out of the ordinary. Many years ago I became friends with a couple in San Francisco who migrated to Hawaii. Partly they loved the islands, … Continue reading The Green House

Volcano Urbanism

Google Before I get to the urbanism portion of this post I need to do a quick geography and geology lesson for those readers who are unfamiliar with Hawaii. The state is made up of a chain of islands: Oahu, Maui, Kauai, Molokai, Lanai, the Big Island (that’s the largest island called “Hawaii”) and numerous … Continue reading Volcano Urbanism